Project India is a collaborative journalism initiative led by Bournemouth University, England. Powered by reportage from  journalism student teams (and the occasional staff member) in India and England, we aim to offer an alternate take on the 2014 Indian Elections.

Our focus will be the voices not always picked up by the media. The non-newsmakers. At BU we are passionate about citizen journalism and social media, and enamoured by how alternate media can empower the marginalised , and you will see this passion in everything we do. From our ‘bloggy’ web design, to what we cover, and how we cover it.

On this project, our collaborators are:

We are also supported in this initiative by two media partners:

If you would like to contribute to Project India, please email us at projectindia.bu@gmail.com. Or leave a message below.



  1. Hi Project India Team, and Pravasi Bharat Team,

    This is a great initiative, and we would like to help spread the word. I am currently running a news portal, trying to reach out to all the Indians across the world, and I believe I would be able to forward Project-India and Pravasi Bharat’s message and impressive work to those who matter.
    We would like to be your media partner. Do get back to us and we can put this initiative across the continents and garner much needed support.

    Best Regards,
    Sai Sunkara

  2. if the Project India requires to get good and informative writeups and real legal positions for the downtrodden castes, scheduled castes and other backward tribes status and living standards in each stste then do tell at the above stated email id.
    sudhir kumar

  3. Hi,
    is there a requirement for a photographer in this project??

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